coromandel night skies


From the late 1800s visitors to New Zealand have been commenting on the unique quality of the light.  The lack of light pollution makes for perfect nighttime photography on one of the many clear and cloudless nights we experience.

In this course we cover how to shoot Nightscapes – expansive views of the night sky and the Milky Way - as well as capturing star trails. We also include post processing of the images.

We are obviously weather dependent but we can predict when the phases of the moon will be and when the best times to run this course.  We can still get great shots even when there is some cloud. Wintertime is a particularly good time for stellar photography due to the longer nights and particularly clearer light conditions.

Tripods and timers are a must for this one.  We have spare equipment available if required. You will also need some warm clothes for those cloudless nights and a supply of good coffee (we can help with that).  Clear nights can mean cold air even in summer!


1 night / $195

Subjects covered:
Astral photography - Nightscapes of the Milky Way
Lunar photography
Long exposure and star trails

Transport to all sites
Use of additional camera equipment if required

Maximum of 4

Course Dates:
Course Dates:
30th September 2019 SOLD OUT
22nd December 2019
20th January 2020
18th February 2020
15th April 2020

We can arrange courses outside of these dates - please call

I can highly recommend photo tours with Ian - he is an outstanding photographer and teacher. Ian spend a great deal of time planning out his tours to ensure he brings you to the best locations, at the right times and with careful consideration to the light.
— Andy, UK