Creative photography

Designed for photographers who already understand their camera and are ready to take their photography to the next level.  The creative eye is critical and we cover the core areas of site selection and visualization of images in the field through the technical and creative workflow to the final image. 

We cover a range of photographic techniques including long exposure, water motion and capture, panoramas and the management and understanding of light. Both tripod and free hand techniques are covered.  The final stage is processing and print preparation in photoshop. We have a simple post-processing process that can be done in most photo processing software.

All the photography is done in the field surrounded by the amazing beaches, forests and natural wonder of the Coromandel.

2 Days / $500

Subjects covered:
Camera settings and use of equipment
Long exposure and low light photography
Long exposure and panoramic photography
Forests and waterfalls
Post processing using Photoshop

Maximum of 4

Transport to all sites
Use of additional camera equipment if required
Use of laptop

Course Dates:
22nd - 23rd October 2019 SOLD OUT
6th - 7th February 2020

We can arrange courses outside of these dates - please call

Ian talked to me about framing the shot, how to ensure that the eye is pulled to the focus of the shot, how to ensure the exposure was right when there was a lot of contrast in bright conditions and much more. He told me about changing exposure lengths for different effects and other simple suggestions that I think have hugely improved the pictures I take. Ian’s explanations were very simple and clear. He is an excellent and very knowledgeable photographer he gave me simple and straightforward advice which I found really helpful
— Nick, UK