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Long Exposure

Have you ever been amazed by pictures of the sea where the rocks appear pin sharp in detail but the water ghosts around them like a mist.  Or a waterfall surrounded by beautifully detailed plants and trees where the water is drawn out into a silky ribbon and the river like a sheet of transluscent glass.  Ever marvelled at shots of star trails or lights from the traffic streaming through the city at night.

It is this area more frequently referred to as Fine Art photography where the use of extended exposures and filters can transform a scene and give you a new creative dimension to your photography.  If you are looking to create your own abstract or fine art photographic effects then this is an area you should explore.

This is an area I have had an interest in for a number of years. In 2010 I studied with Jonathan Critchley, owner of Ocean Capture and one of the foremost fine art photographers in the world. His techniques had a big impact on me and I have been applying and developing them ever since.


1 DAY / $250

Subjects covered:
Camera settings and equipmemt
Use of filters and timers
Motion effects
Managing exposure
Low light photography

Transport to all sites
Use of additional camera equipment if required for hire

Maximum of 4

Course Dates:
28th August 2019 SOLD OUT
15th October 2019 SOLD OUT
8th February 2020

We can arrange courses outside of these dates - please call

On the day of our workshop I felt you were very generous with your time and knowledge and were able to hone in on the bits I struggled with. You’re really easy and comfortable to learn from, so again thank you for your time and knowledge
— Natalie, USA