1 DAY / $250

Subjects covered:
Hand held and tripod work - including focusing rail
Day and night photography - including flash
Composition and depth of field management
Editing and processing of images including focus stacking

Transport to all sites
Use of additional camera equipment if required ($35 hire charge)

Maximum of 4

Course Dates:
18th September 2019 SOLD OUT
8th December 2019
15th February 2020

We can arrange courses outside of these dates - please call

The joy of macro photography is that it can be done almost anywhere at any time day or night. Capturing the beauty of an insect or flower in its minutest detail provides a unique window into a world that is rarely seen.

It’s not all about having the best and most expensive equipment. As with any form of photography, technique and a creative eye make all the difference. If you have something you want to photograph bring it along!

This is a highly practical course covers a range of subjects including still life, handheld macro photography, day and night shooting, use of flash and lighting and focus stacking. We also cover what equipment is most useful and affordable and how to create some of your own.

Some basic equipment is needed and we do have spare cameras and lenses you can hire if required.

I have been on two of Ian’s workshops and both have been brilliant! Two different themes behind them both and I walked away with so much more knowledge and understanding of how to correct my images... Can’t thank you enough Ian. Your calm way of teaching and explanation of how things work is completely easy to understand. Look forward to another workshop soon
— Dale, New Zealand