winter workshops

Following the success of this years Chasing Mercury Art Workshops the M are running a series of Chasing Mercury Winter Arts Workshops between the 12th and the 16th July 2019.  

Chasing the Light – an Introduction to Creative Landscape Photography Saturday 13th July, 6am to midday, 4 places

Ever wondered how other people manage to get such amazing pictures using the same camera as you when you cant?  Feel inspired by the wonderful places around you but feel intimidated by your camera?  Don’t worry – that’s where everyone starts. 

This introductory workshop takes you through the basics of how a camera works and the creative side of how to capture a beautiful image.  It’s practical, hands on and all done outdoors with time to practice. 

The groups is small so there is time for everyone to learn.  We start early to capture the best of the light and, by the end of the day, you will feel more confident heading out on your own to explore your creative side.

Fee:      $150 including transport , morning coffee and muffin!


Chasing the Stars – Photographing the Night Skies Tuesday 16th July, 4am to sunrise, 2 places

Number of places: 2The lack of light pollution in the Coromandel makes for perfect nighttime photography and wintertime is a particularly good time for stellar photography due to the longer nights and clearer light conditions.

We will work through how to set up your camera, the best lens and settings to use, creating effective compositions and post processing to get the best from your image (including dual exposure). Tripods and remote controls are a must for this one.  We have spare equipment available if required. You will also need some warm clothes for those cloudless nights and a supply of good coffee (we can help with that).

Due to the phase of the moon unfortunately its an early start with pick up at 4.00 am in Whitianga to get the best of the light.   We will be around for a sunrise shot as well if its not too chilly by then.

Fee:      $195 including transport , morning coffee and muffin!



The Universe Around You – an Introduction to Macro Photography Sunday 14th July, 10am to 3pm Number of places: 2

The joy of macro photography is that it can be done almost anywhere any time of day or night and the choice of subject is endless.  Capturing the beauty of an insect, flower or shell in its minutest detail provides a unique window into a world that is rarely seen. 

 This is a highly practical course that covers a range of subjects including still life, handheld macro photography, use of flash and lighting and focus stacking.  We also cover what equipment is most useful and affordable and how to create some of your own. 

You will need an SLR camera and a macro lens. Some equipment is needed and we do have spare cameras and lenses you can hire if needed.

Fee:      $195 including transport and coffee.