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I can highly recommend photo tours with Ian - he is an outstanding photographer and teacher. Ian spend a great deal of time planning out his tours to ensure he brings you to the best locations, at the right times and with careful consideration to the light.
He is a truly excellent landscape and wildlife photographer, who will teach you the finer points of photography, while making it easy to learn.
I look back on my workshop with Ian with great pleasure and hope I’ll be able to shoot with him again when I net visit New Zealand!
Having taken up photography quite recently and therefore not having a great deal of experience, i have found the style and teaching provided by Ian to be very useful and enjoyable.
He has a great knowledge of photography and a great ability to impart this in sound bytes understandable by others.
I expect to become a regular pupil of his, look forward to our next outing and recommend him to anyone wanting to advance their photographic skills and knowledge.
I have been on two of Ian’s workshops and both have been brilliant! Two different themes behind them both and I walked away with so much more knowledge and understanding of how to correct my images... Can’t thank you enough Ian. Your calm way of teaching and explanation of how things work is completely easy to understand. Look forward to another workshop soon.
I can highly recommend spending some time with Ian! I have attended a few photography courses, from class room style to in the field, and while I gained knowledge nothing compared to what I got out of my sessions with Ian. His thorough explanations and pragmatic approach suddenly made things ‘click’. I now have a workflow process that makes a difference to my images and my over all enjoyment of photography. Not only did the time in the field with Ian help immensely, he also followed up with detailed advise on the correct gear for me should I wish to upgrade and further develop my photography.
On the day of our workshop I felt you were very generous with your time and knowledge and were able to hone in on the bits I struggled with. The repetition in setting up a variety of shots is really important for someone like me, who isn’t necessarily a fast learner. It was also really helpful to have a few long breaks, both to talk about what we’d done and to just relax a bit, as photography is a pretty full-on subject. I also enjoyed seeing what to do afterwards on the computer, though I still have a lot to learn in that regard.
You’re really easy and comfortable to learn from, so again thank you for your time and knowledge.
After spending just a few short hours with Ian I got some great tips on how to use my Canon EOS 600D camera. Ian’s guidance on how to plan a shot with timing and light resulted in the most amazing panoramic shots of Mt Ruapehu and Ngaruruhoe. I’m really looking forward to future workshops
Thanks for the great time we had on the photography course. The things I learned have made a real difference to the results I am now getting with my camera. It’s given me more confidence and belief that I can go out, find and compose the images I want, capture them and get the best out of them in post processing. I’m enjoying my photography more as a result. So thanks for making me a better photographer and I’m looking forward to another course to take me to the next level!
Ian talked to me about framing the shot, how to ensure that the eye is pulled to the focus of the shot, how to ensure the exposure was right when there was a lot of contrast in bright conditions and much more. He told me about changing exposure lengths for different effects and other simple suggestions that I think have hugely improved the pictures I take. Ian’s explanations were very simple and clear. He is an excellent and very knowledgeable photographer he gave me simple and straightforward advice which I found really helpful.
Thank you giving me an amazing lesson and a great experience today.
I will keep in touch and I hope I will put the skills you taught me today to good use.
— BRIANNA M (14), New Zealand
What can I say but……..fantastic!
Not knowing much beforehand, I got a perfectly suited 3 days course in photography.
Learning the technical skills needed, but also developing an eye for light and composition.
I loved to have my classroom outdoors in New Zealand’s wonderful nature, the course was highly
Interactive, spontaneous and fun. But if you’re afraid of long hours you should be warned; the days start at sunrise and end after the stars come out. It’s all about the light!
Ian is extremely passionate about photography and that passion is infectious!
I give him my best recommendations.
— Guri Skeie, Norway
I can’t rate too highly my time spent with Ian on a Seascape workshop in March this year 2017. I am a an amateur and occasional photographer - everyday life is so hectic that I like to go on photography workshops when I have more time - on holiday! Despite my very basic knowledge he was very patient and explained everything clearly, and went to so much trouble to find stunning locations at different times of the day whether early or late. Clearly he has forgotten more about how to take stunning photos that I will ever know, and would be equally good teaching more experienced photographers. Ian & Shirley offer such a a warm welcome to their house guests in their beautiful home- they are both talented cooks and great company too - many happy hours were spent chatting on every subject under the sun. My next trip from the UK to NZ will be based around another Seascape workshop!
— Wendy, UK