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Ever stood on a mountain or by the ocean entranced by the expansive view but struggled to capture an image that reflects it.  Use a wide angle lens and the detail disappears into the distance.  Zoom in for the detail and the scale and perspective is lost.

The answer is to create a panorama.  This is an expansive yet richly detailed image of a scene without the distortion of a wide angle lens.  A large highly detailed panorama can be one of the most impressive prints you can put on your wall.

Most modern cameras and phones have panorama functions but they often lack the detail and resolution that you need.  Another answer is to buy a custom made panoramic camera – these are excellent but expensive and often not practical. 

An ideal solution for many photographers is to use an SLR to shoot a series of images and use software to stitch the images together.  Most mainstream photo editing software will do this including Photoshop and Lightroom.

Like many forms of photography, panoramas are not difficult however there are some key tips and techniques you need to follow to give you the best chance of success.

This one day course covers panoramas at a number of spectacular locations in the Coromandel at different times of the day and night and will enable you to take your own spectacular images.

1 DAY / $250

Subjects covered:
What settings to use and how to set up the camera
How to set up and use the tripod
Use of filters and timers
Stitching and post processing in photoshop
Getting images print ready

Transport to all sites
Use of additional camera equipment if required

Maximum of 4

Course Dates:
5th October 2019 SOLD OUT
22nd January 2020

We can arrange courses outside of these dates - please call

I spent 3 amazing days with Ian, being an amateur I learnt so much about composition, lighting, editing and so much more. I took some incredible photos of waterfalls, seascapes and sun sets. I could not recommend Ian enough!
— Janine, Auckland