Tiritiri Matangi Island is a 220ha wildlife sanctuary and one of New Zealand's most important and exciting conservation projects and only a short ferry ride from Auckland.

It has long been occupied and farmed by the Maori and Europeans, leading to a loss of 94% of its native bush which had a devastating impact on the  indigenous wildlife. 

In 1982 a radical new vision was approved to turn the island into an ‘open sanctuary’ under the Department of Conservation. Between 1984 and 1994, 300,000 trees were planted and the Island is now 60% forested with the remaining 40% left as grassland for species preferring open habitat.

All mammalian predators were eradicated and a number of threatened and endangered bird and reptile species have been successfully introduced, including the flightless takahe, one of the world’s rarest species, and the tuatara. There are very few places in New Zealand where you can readily see and walk amongst so many rare species.

Seascape are very pleased to bring you a 2 day photography workshop in Tiritiri Matangi where you will be guided and on how to photograph some of the rarest and most unique bird species in the world. By staying on the island we experience the most active times for birds at dawn and dusk when we can see and hear the wonderful birdsong.

We organise the entire trip from the ferry departure in Auckland until you set foot back on the mainland.If you are flying into Auckland we will organise pick up at the airport.

2 Days $750

Subjects covered:
New Zealands rare and unique birdlife
Sesacapes and low-light photography
Low light photography
Astrophotography - weather permitting

Travel by ferry from central Auckland and accommodation on the island
Food which is taken along – you cannot buy it on the island
Accommodation in Department of Conservation huts


Course Dates:
22nd - 23rd August
12th - 13th October
20th - 21st April